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Everything and Nothing

The Alamo Bowl is played every year between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve every year and is nestled in the heart of Texas, San Antonio. The Alamo Bowl, which is played in the Alamodome, has brought in an incredibly diverse group of people to the city for more than a decade and has become one of the more desirable non-BCS bowls that teams want to be invited to.  A 2004 survey proved something that Texans knew all along about their city; it was ranked number six as the most popular destination city nationwide and also ranked number four in the most pleasant people in the nation.

The only thing warmer than the people in San Antonio is the weather. The city hasn’t seen a significant amount of snow since 1985 and has an average high temperature of 64 °F in the month of December.  So when the rest of the country is busting out the winter blankets, the climate is still on the warm side in the Alamo City.

With all the warm weather there would be no way that anyone would have an excuse to stay away from the city’s biggest attraction, the Paseo Del Rio, or the Riverwalk.  It sits only a stones throw away from the Alamodome and sits twenty feet below street level while winding through the office buildings, hotels and loft apartments of downtown San Antonio.  Some parts of the Riverwalk are quiet and serene almost like a park while others are lively with music coming from one of the many clubs.  Plethora is the word that comes to mind when thinking of the choices of food types on the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk houses all kinds of restaurants from gourmet Mexican to Italian to barbeque to soul food. Many of the establishments feature seating right on the Riverwalk much like most European cafés.  In the core of the Riverwalk you can also find Rivercenter.  It is a massive three story mall that features all kinds of stores that are found across the nation and even some that are totally unique to San Antonio. While there you can go to some of the sports bars like Hooters, or Champps to check out some of the other college football action going on.

Right off the Riverwalk you can also find the one landmark that can defines this great city, The Alamo.  The Alamo was an old Spanish mission that was built in 1718 and was permanently branded into every Texas history book in 1836 when 168 Texans defended the mission against a Mexican army of over 4,000.  The Texans fell like heroes, in battle, and the defeat then turned into the Texas Army’s slogan of “Remember the Alamo,” as they proceeded to defeat the Mexican Army in East Texas.  To this day The Alamo stands as a symbol of freedom for the great state of Texas.

Other places to visit while in San Antonio include historical Market Square.  It’s one of the many places where you can go and shop for South Texas cultured items and then walk next door, take a seat and sip on a margarita.  If shopping is your thing then San Antonio is the place you want to be. The metropolitan area features 10 malls and three major outlet malls are located within an hour of the city. The night life of San Antonio is rivaled by few cities and craved by many.  The city has night clubs spread all over the city and you can choose almost anything.  The city is famous for its Tejano clubs but if you don’t like that you can check out the country-western clubs, or some of the more futuristic techno clubs. If you don’t like that you can go and check out some of the local jazz holes, karaoke bars or cigar clubs. There really isn’t one distinct culture or theme that encompasses the entire city.  San Antonio is the crossroads in the state and is the best example of Texas’ great diversity.  You could probably say that San Antonio is everything and nothing all at the same time.


The Alamo Bowl is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) game that plays after the regular football season. This bowl game matches up the Big XII Conference's and the PAC-12 Conference's ranked number four teams against each other. The game is and has been held in San Antonio, Texas at the Alamodome every year near the end of the year.


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