Valero Alamo Bowl

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Nebraska- Michigan State

The Alamo Bowl is one of the most fun games that I’ve ever gotten the chance to go to. The game has two of the best conferences fight it out under the bright lights of the Alamodome. The Big XII and the Big Ten send their fourth best teams and they usually put on one of the better college bowl games of the season as far as I’m concerned. You might be thinking “If these teams couldn’t even win their conference why would this be such a great game?” It’s because the two conferences play a very similar type of football and they usually match up very well with the other team. One of the few exceptions was last year when Nebraska rolled all over Michigan State and their highly touted quarterback Jeff Smoker. The Nebraska defense played like a bunch of guys possessed and just dominated the game. They only let Smoker, who was the Big Ten Comeback Player of the Year, to 156 yards passing and forced him into 3 interceptions. The score 17-3 didn’t do any justice for Nebraska who had control of every single facet of the game.

Even though the game wasn’t the best in recent memory, the best one I think was the ’98 Alamo Bowl when Kansas State played Purdue, the atmosphere was like no other. Over 50,000 people crammed into the Alamodome including the rowdy student fans and the school bands. That’s the biggest difference between the NFL and college football; the fact that only one or two teams in the pros have a band that will blare music every time they score a touchdown. There’s something about the song “Louie, Louie” played by a college band than when it’s played over the PA system. It’s even better when the teams start getting the fight songs going, there is nothing in this world that could get someone more pumped up than a college fight song. The fight songs are loud and overwhelming and just make you want to push down someone from the other team. I’ve never heard a song played over the PA system that has given me the chills like some songs played by a college band.

Like I had mentioned earlier the best Alamo Bowl I've ever seen was in ’98 when Kansas State matched up with Purdue. The Wildcats were upset like no other that year since they had been snubbed by all of the BCS bowls even though they had been undefeated up until the Big XXII Championship game where they lost to Texas A&M. The Wildcats came in and let it be known that they felt they deserved to be in a better bowl than the Alamo Bowl. It was the best thing ever when they got beat by Purdue who wasn’t even a nationally ranked team. The Boilermakers were led by Drew Brees, who was a ridiculously good college player, on their way to a 37-34 victory. The Wildcats got exactly what they should've that game. They were too busy complaining about the other bowls and they proved that they didn’t belong in any of those bowls since they couldn’t even beat an unranked team.


The Alamo Bowl is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) game that plays after the regular football season. This bowl game matches up the Big XII Conference's and the PAC-12 Conference's ranked number four teams against each other. The game is and has been held in San Antonio, Texas at the Alamodome every year near the end of the year.


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