Valero Alamo Bowl

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Nebraska 32 - Michigan 28

In their second visit to the Alamo Bowl in three years, the Nebraska Cornhuskers found themselves playing one of the better teams in the country, the Michigan Wolverines. The Wolverines had been up and down all year, but everyone could see the talent the team possessed. Going into the game, no one outside of Lincoln was giving the Cornhuskers a shot. That's why they play the games and it's nice to see games aren't played on paper; they're played inside little TV sets.

Early in the fourth quarter, Michigan quarterback Chad Henne had already thrown for three touchdowns and had led his team to a cushy 28-17 lead. Thats when the corn got to work.

Nebraska running back Cory Ross broke off a 31 yard touchdown to make the score 28-23 with Michigan still in the lead. Corhhusker head coach Bill Callahan decided to roll the dice and go for two and Todd Peterson threw the ball back quarterback Zac Taylor and converted, 28-25.

A few minutes later, Taylor connected with Terrence Nunn and the extra point put the Corn up 32-28. All this set up one of the most memorable final plays in recent college football history. Henne found wide reciever Jason Avant and seven laterals later Tyler Ecker was only 17 yards away from doing the unthinkable and scoring a touchdown. Instead of pitching to wide reciever Mario Manningham the tight end tried to beat Nebraska safety Titus Brothers and was unsuccessful. The game was also the highest rated college football game in ESPN history.





The Alamo Bowl is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) game that plays after the regular football season. This bowl game matches up the Big XII Conference's and the PAC-12 Conference's ranked number four teams against each other. The game is and has been held in San Antonio, Texas at the Alamodome every year near the end of the year.


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